1. Sandra, Why?

From the recording Sandra, Why?

This song is written from the perspective of one of the nice guys that Sandra Bullock should have married instead of that other guy.

This is the first song I ever wrote and recorded.


You were a nice guy's dream;
You had a pretty face, but you made it seem like
You could maybe go for guys like us.
We don't have the handsomest hair,
Of that we're aware, and we lack in social graces,
And we can't sing in tune,
But we'd be over the moon if we could hold your hand.

The products of your profession,
Everything that you did gave the same impression:
You could maybe go for guys like us.
And just think how nice it would be
In holy matrimony, when you would take one of us to you,
But reality's grim, because instead you chose him.
Now I don't understand.

Oh, Sandra, why?
You should have been our defender,
Now you're just a pretender to the geek queen throne.
Sandra, why?
You would have been our protector,
Now you're just a defector to the bad boy zone.

We look at his body ink
And wonder, were we all foolish to even think that
You could maybe go for guys like us?
Based on what you've shown of your mind,
t didn't seem like his kind was the type you'd find intriguing.
Now I guess we all know
Our hope was based on a show, and you're like all the rest.

So now we go back to zero;
We'll be looking around for another hero
Who would really go for guys like us.
We'll find someone who can relate,
Someone who wouldn't equate "lack of danger" with "unsexy."
But whomever we do won't hold a candle to you,
'Cause, Sandra, you're the best!


Well, here we go again.
I hope he treats you well,
Because, you know, with guys like that you never know.
I hope he makes you happy and it lasts forever.
We'll take this pain and learn and try to grow,
And maybe someday we will.

Oh, Sandra, why?
We thought that you were an angel;
Now I guess that a change'll happen in our minds.