1. Steam

From the recording Steam

This song is about a girl named Steam who works at a video game store, and who for various reasons makes you spend more money than you want to.

This is the second song I ever wrote and recorded.


I opened the door;
I saw her right away.
I fell through the floor
When I heard her say,

"Hey, welcome! Would you like to preorder?
We got these specials, here
In this bin and over there by the wall,
And it won't be any problem at all
To take your money, bleed you dry until you've got nothing left."

Oh, Steam!
She beckons me with eyes of fire and water.
If she were dengue fever, I would have caught 'er.

She pitched it so cute
I just couldn't say no.
Now I see her face
Wherever I go.

She makes me feel all tingly inside.
I didn't need that strategy guide
Or that collector's ultra-special
Limited edition at all.
I just watched her set me up for a fall,
And I was powerless to stop her
And now I'm just a thrall for

She makes my wallet cry, but I can't deny her.
Why's it so hard to find the will to defy her?

[Instrumental Break (8 measures)]

I need to get her out of my mind now,
But I keep going back.
Someone help me stay away from this hell.
And my pocketbook will thank you as well.
You know, it wouldn't be so bad if her deals weren't so irresistible...

[Industrial Break (2 measures)]


I open the door;
She's not working today....