1. My Dog Phi

From the recording My Dog Phi

This song is about my dog and the number she's named after.

This is the third song I ever wrote and recorded.


My dog Phi is the greatest dog alive.
She's like half of a normal dog added to the square root of five.
She'll never put down roots
'Cause she's more active than a natural log.
Phi plus a normal dog are to Phi what Phi is to a normal dog.<

Oh, she's my dog Phi.
And she's most irrational, but much more real than I.
Though in a manner of speaking she's extreme and mean,
To me she's still the sweetest doggie I've ever seen.
[The heavens throw their stars when we walk by,]
Me and my dog Phi.

She likes to hide in flowers and shells.
And in the branches of trees or an arrangement of leaves,
You can find her there as well.
Her eyes are so pretty
And her proportions are perfectly right:
Her length plus her height are to her length
What her length is to her height.

[We go together even better than round and pie,]

One day, I played fetch with Phi,
And the path that she took back to me
Was a special logarithmic spiral.
But I was standing in the Eye of God,
And I worried that she'd never come back to me.
Then I remembered we weren't dimensionless
And we were just fine.

But if my dog Phi ever did run away,
I'd be sad, but I wouldn't be sad
For maybe more than a couple of days.
'Cause I know how easy it is
To converge on where she's likely to be
By following the ratios of successive terms
In the series Fibonacci.

[We'll trace golden castles in the sky,]